Demystifying the mystifying!

Illusions In Perspective is Chris Murphy's new book of original stage illusion designs.

Illusions in Perspective features an introduction by world-renowned Las Vegas Illusion Designer and Builder Tim Clothier.

Featuring a combination of illusions that Chris has previously built and sold, as well as new designs waiting to be performed for the first time, Illusions In Perspective is also packed full of information to assist you in designing and building your own illusions.

Chris chose to feature a selection of compact illusions with simple staging requirements in this first volume of the Illusions in Perspective series because of the demand from working magicians for material that is different and practical. This is material for the real world of modern performing - deceptive illusions with plots which allow for engaging presentations, all while keeping it "in perspective" with a focus on practicality.

Hardbound | 200 pages | Printed in Australia

Over 20 years in the making and so worth the wait! The contents of this book are illusions and props that I would include in my show, every one's a winner and the detailed plans are second to none! That's the thing that makes Chris Murphy's Illusions in Perspective the new go-to book for performers who want to include new illusions that have modern day appeal. This book is 5 Stars and has my highest personal recommendation! I suggested that Chris charge much more for this book!

I have a long history with Chris Murphy as Chris and I have known each other since 1989. Chris has built many illusions for me including my very first Suspended Animation. Chris worked out much of the technical elements of that illusion so trust me when I say his attention to detail is 2nd to none! Chris asked me to say a few words but it's hard for me to stop writing. Just do yourself a favor and buy this book!

John Taylor, International Illusionist and inventor of Suspended Animation

Chris has beautifully broken down his creative process and if you ever plan to design an illusion yourself, this is a great formula to follow. He has also included some of the most detailed and descriptive illusion designs in any book out there. The illusions described here are practical, deceptive and ready-to-build, which means that the value in this book is enormous. Personally, I think ‘Infiltration’ is a brilliant use of visual plot and method to create a super practical prop. ‘Afterlife’ has a great routine and for a prop of this size, will last a good amount of time onstage in its routine (I often refer to illusions in terms of $ per minute). ‘Empty Spaces’ is what I think of as a Chris Murphy ‘signature’ and is insanely deceptive for this style of illusion.

Tim Clothier - Illusion Builder and designer, Illusion Projects Las Vegas